Add Elevator To Existing Building

XIZI HIC has the qualifications of “Elevator Manufacturing”, “Qualification of Steel Structure Engineering Contracting Level” and “General Contracting Grade of Construction Engineering”, that is, XIZI HIC also possesses elevator manufacturing qualification, steel structure qualification and civil construction qualification, making Xizi When it comes to advancing the elevator business in the old community, it can realize one-stop general contracting services without outsourcing any processes.

The Guidelines for the Design of Elevated Elevated Elevated Residential Buildings in Zhejiang Province, which was developed by XIZI HIC, was issued by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development in 2015. The company invested heavily in the research and development of existing multi-storey residential elevators and obtained relevant invention patents. Currently, "pre-assembled elevators" and "bulk type elevator" have been developed for residential buildings in old communities. The elevator and steel structure hoistway will be pre-installed in the factory, and the on-site installation can be completed in 48 hours, minimizing interference to residents.


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