Personnel Policy

The company has established four career development channels of management, technology, marketing and skills.Among them, the technical channel has three series of engineering, finance and economy.The establishment of multiple career development channels for employees has established a new channel for the growth of professional technicians, managers and skilled workersThrough the establishment of different post promotion sequences, we will build a broad arena for all kinds of talents, especially new talents. In terms of talent use, the company pays special attention to recruiting outstanding talents or talented talents from recruiting college students, and makes outstanding employees stand out through measures such as layer-level recommendation assessment, internal public recruitment and social open recruitment, showing the middle-level management personnel and technology. The infinite vitality of personnel.
Management channel
Grassroots management—Middle management assistant—Middle management deputy—Middle management—Assistant General Manager and above (company executives)
Technical channel
Assistant economic engineer—Economic engineer—Deputy director economic engineer—Director economic engineer—Deputy chief economic engineer—Chief economic engineer
Assistant accountant—Accountant—Deputy director accountant—Director accountant—Deputy chief accountant—Chief accountant
Assistant engineer—Engineer—Deputy director engineer— Director engineer—Deputy chief engineer—Chief engineer
Marketing channel
Business supervisor—Business manager assistant—Business deputy manager—Business manager—Senior business manager
Skill channel
Senior worker—Technician—Senior Technician—Chief technician

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