Employee office platform OA

For the daily operation and management of XIZI HIC,provides process services such as employee leave, overtime, reimbursement, payment, and prior approval.

Enterprise Resource Information Platform ERP/SRP

With financial as the core,provides enterprise management software that integrates real-time information across departments. Enterprise management software integrating supply chain, financial resources and information resources.

Quotation/output system EBS

For the company's financial, sales and logistics plans, the application system for the elevator industry quotation and output value is simple, transparent and efficient.

Product Lifecycle Management System PLM

Provides application software for elevator parts file management, CA product change process, and product use during the development lifecycle.

Operation Management System OMS/IAS

For enterprise business management and various business departments,provides application systems for production scheduling, material planning, electronic work orders, job reporting, and station distribution.

Workshop Manufacturing Execution System MES

MES is a set of production information management software for the execution level of manufacturing enterprises. Provide elevator parts packaging, storage, shipping scanning, electronic signage and other functions.

Business Intelligence BI

A complete solution for effectively integrating existing data in the enterprise, providing reports quickly and accurately, and making decision-making basis to help companies make informed business decisions.

Personnel Management System E-HR

Electronic human resource management is a human resource management model based on advanced information and Internet technologies, and is integrated with OA. It can achieve the goal of reducing costs, improving efficiency, and improving employee service models.


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