Children should take the elevator to strengthen safety education. Baby strollers are not allowed to enter the escalator.

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The Children's Day of the "June 1" came, and the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau issued a notice requesting the quality supervision departments of all districts to check the use and management of elevators and large-scale amusement facilities, and put forward requirements for the safety management of special equipment for the "June 1" holiday.

Safety issues for children travelling on the elevator "Be careful and be careful." The relevant person in charge of the Wuhan Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau said that the quality supervision department, the elevator maintenance unit, and the elevator user unit are “important” to strengthen the supervision and maintenance of the elevator. Parents strengthen the safety education for the children and improve their safety awareness. "It is very important", management and education "one can not be less."

The relevant person in charge of the Wuhan Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau said, “Children have no judgment on potential risks and cannot allow children to take elevators and escalators alone. For the safety of children, children should not be allowed to leave the eyes of adults because many accidents occur. In an instant.” Naughty and play are the nature of children. When taking the elevator, every parent should take good care of the children.

The stroller pushes the escalator dangerously

In the major shopping malls in the city, it is not uncommon for parents to push the stroller "courage" on the escalator. From the bottom up, usually the parent pushes the stroller on the escalator first, then pushes the stroller up underneath to prevent the stroller from going backwards.

On the escalators of some shopping malls, some parents with great strength will ride the baby carriage all the way, but some parents who are not strong enough will not be able to withstand the strength because they are not enough to support the baby. The car, and some in order to rest, on the way to release their hands, temporarily with the rest of the body, when the stroller appears to be crumbling. From the top down, the parents also let the stroller go first, standing on the high ladder and pulling the stroller, it is also dangerous. Some strollers are too large to stop on the escalator.

Elevator expert and director of the Quality Technology and Scientific Research Management Department of Wuhan Special Inspection Institute said that although there is no mandatory regulation that requires the baby carriage not to enter the escalator, the baby carriage is not allowed to enter the escalator according to the national use standards and the relevant regulations of the shopping mall. You can only use the straight ladder. "In order to be safe for yourself and others, you must consciously prevent the baby carriage and large luggage from entering the escalator."

It is also dangerous to hold a child on a walking ladder.

During the summer vacation, the traffic of major shopping malls in the city has risen sharply. The “bear child” is naughty and naughty next to the escalator, which leads to the safety accident when riding the ladder. Many parents said, "Children are not obedient in taking the elevator. Then I just hold him on the escalator. Is it safe?"

"In fact, parents holding children on the escalator are much more dangerous than the children standing on the escalator." Chen said that many accidents occurred because the parents held the children and went up and down the escalator. The center of gravity was unstable, and the children who were holding them fell together and caused an accident. Some parents even did not hold the children because the escalator was running, causing the child to fall out of the escalator.

Chen Zheng said that the correct way is that if children take the escalator, they must be accompanied by the parents, and the children should stand in the line of sight of the parents. The child can enter the escalator first, stand on the front ladder of the parents, and stand in the yellow. In the box, then hold the parents' hands and stand firm.

Children can't run through the escalator

"According to the regulations, the escalator can only stand, and it is not allowed to walk or run during the up and down steps of the escalator." Chen said that sometimes children can run or walk quickly during the running of the escalator, which makes it easy to lose the balance of the escalator. , or cause mechanical collisions, causing accidents such as falling and hitting people.

Chen Zheng said that people standing on the escalator need to balance and stand up. If the children run on the escalator, the escalator will lose balance, and the passage left on the left will continue to run or run, walking or running. The vibration often increases the imbalance of the escalator and can cause mechanical collision or mechanical failure. Moreover, people walking or running on the escalator can easily hit other standing passengers or objects and cause an accident.


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