XIZI HIC 150,000 escalator trusses off the assembly line 60 tons of super large unsupported truss support the world's be

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September 3, XIZI HIC 150,000 escalator trusses off the assembly line,At the same time, the world's heaviest unsupported bus ladder truss was dispatched in the Xilin Heavy Industry Park in Haining, Zhejiang, which marked the development of Zhejiang's high-end equipment manufacturing industry to a new level, achieving the “largest unsupported escalator truss”.

Cao Zhaogen, vice president of Xizi and vice chairman of Xizi Heavy Industry, together with the company's management and employee representatives witnessed this important moment. On the same day, the director of the Haining High-tech Zone, Ge Guanghua, highly praised the strong manufacturing strength of Xizi Heavy Industry, the practice of shaping the soul of the enterprise with quality, and pursued the dream of a hundred years of business with a professional and precise attitude.

60 tons of super large unsupported truss support the world's best

At 10 o'clock on the 3rd, with the opening of Hu Zhibin, executive vice president of XIZIHIC, Lu Xiaohui, general manager of XIZIHIC, introduced the shipping ceremony and product related information.

This super-large escalator truss will be used for public transport escalators to build high-speed railway platforms. The truss is 44.6 meters long and 2.24 meters wide and has a total weight of 60 tons. It is the world's most unsupported bus ladder truss, equivalent to the total weight of 20 ordinary bus ladder trusses. Under the premise of fully studying the use environment of the project and the bearing capacity of the steel beam to ensure the safety performance of the product, the Xizi Heavy Industry Technical Team has designed and optimized the weight of the escalator truss.

Continuous breakthrough in technology research and development

In the industry, such large-span and heavy-weight trusses do not have any reference experience, and special structures such as double trusses and generous tubes have extremely high process precision requirements. As the skeleton of the escalator, the welding quality of the truss directly affects its carrying capacity. To this end, Xizi Heavy Industry formed a super-large truss manufacturing project team, through a variety of theoretical and practical analysis and design, tailored a set of sophisticated solutions to solve the manufacturing, process, technology and quality problems of this truss project.

At the ceremony, Vice President Cao Zhaogen thanked all parties for their support of XIZIHIC and encouraged the XIZIHIC team to achieve further success. In addition to the 60-ton super-large intercity high-speed rail unsupported truss, the 155-meter super long horizontal span truss and the 35-meter high-height bus truss... XIZIHIC continues to achieve self-breakthrough in truss manufacturing.

Stick to the "quality first", focus on industry standards

As a large domestic freight elevator component integration supplier and a leading large-scale escalator and sidewalk truss production base, XIZIHIC is currently the largest manufacturer of trusses in China, occupying more than 25% of the domestic market share, and its manufacturing level is in a leading position in the country. Each year, 13,000 escalator trusses are delivered. As of August 2018, Xizi Heavy Industry shipped a total of 150,000 trusses.

With 22 years of manufacturing history and dedicated service, XIZIHIC has accumulated rich experience and technology in customized and non-standardized manufacturing in the strategic cooperation with the world's leading brands of elevators. Adhering to the principle of "customer first, quality first", XIZIHIC will pay more attention to the drafting and formulation of industry standards in the escalator segment, and protect the public travel safety and contribute XIZI power!


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