Paying tribute to the new era Global Zhejiang Zheshang Gold Award winner Wang Shuifu talks about the new reform and open

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The Global Zheshang Gold Award is an honorary award initiated by the Zheshang General Association, the Zheshang General Committee, and the Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce. At the press conference, Wang Shuifu, the chairman of Xizi United Holdings Co., Ltd., and other seven global Zheshang gold medal winners expressed their "Zhejiang attitude" to pay tribute to the motherland, pay tribute to labor, pay tribute to science and innovation, and pay tribute to the future.

Let Wang Shuifu’s chairman be the most proud,In the past 10 years,The development of "XIZI" in the aviation industry.In 2009, Xizi Airlines seized the opportunity of the national major special project C919 aircraft, and stood out from more than 400 units, becoming the only Chinese private enterprise among the nine first-class aircraft structure suppliers of the C919 large aircraft project. In May of last year, the domestic C919 large passenger plane successfully made its first flight. “Xizi” was the only private enterprise among the nine first-class aircraft structure suppliers of this project, which was equipped with complex structure, high technology content and involved more than 30 aviation. Emergency generator door for special process technology.

"We have been arguing for Chinese private enterprises, which proves that private enterprises can do great things, and also take solid steps for more private enterprises to enter the military-civilian integration field. I hope that more aviation parts will be manufactured in Zhejiang in the future," he said.

From traditional manufacturing to precision manufacturing to smart manufacturing, from agricultural machinery parts to aerospace components. Wang Shuifu, the chairman of Xizi United, opened the door of the private enterprise science and technology and became the “first person to eat crabs” among Zhejiang private enterprises. Zheshang, who dares to be the first, dares to stand in the tide, is accepting the baptism of a new round of economic waves and showing the attitude of Zhejiang to the world.


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